Vagabond est disponible sur la Méditerranée de début juin à septembre et pour des croisières aux Antilles en hiver. Si vous ne savez pas encore quelle région ou île choisir, regardez un peu les bassins proposés, regardez ceux qui vous plaisent et décidez de votre temps de navigation, alors faites-moi part de vos idées and je pourrais vous proposer la semaine parfaite pour vous et vos amis.

Vagabond is available for charter in the Mediterranean from the beginning of June through September and for Caribbean cruise in the winter. If you’re unsure which area or island to pick, read a little about the areas, see which take your fancy and decide how much sailing you want to do, then let me know and I could create the perfect week itinerary for you and your friends.

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Voici quelques exemples de croisières que je peux vous proposer :


Sardaigne – Une des aires de croisière des plus réputées de Méditerranée. Avec la fameuse Coste Smeralda et Porto Cervo qui attire les yachts les plus majestueux du monde avec leurs propriétaires et hôtes chics. Le littoral est rocheux et encore brut, incroyablement beau. Les mouillages sont nombreux, les eaux cristallines, avec de nombreuses baies et îles à explorer.

Elbe et l’archipel toscan – C’est un petit groupe d’îles montagneuses. Elbe, la plus grande et riche, son point culminant est à plus de 1000 m et sa côté indentée offre de magnifiques baies et ports. Cette zone est toujours un des secrets les mieux gardés d’Italie.

Baie de Naples – La baie se situe au pieds du Vésuve, entre les îles de Capri et d’Ischia. Son rivage accueille les ruines de la ville romaine de Pompeii. Cette baie à tant à offrir vous pourriez y passer une semaine et ne pas tout voir.

L’île de Capri – porte une vraie aura autour d’elle et mérite certainement une mention. La meilleure façon pour admirer sa beauté est par la mer. La plupart des belles plages peuvent seulement être atteintes par la mer.

Sicile – La plus grande île de Méditerranée offre quelque chose pour chacun , Messine, Palerme, Trapani et le fameux Etna toujours en éruption. L’Etna est le plus grand et le plus actif volcan d’Europe. La Sicile est réputée pour sa cuisine épicée, ses vins fins et son histoire riche. Un superbe endroit pour une croisière avec de l’eau scintillante et des plages sablonneuses.

Les îles Éoliennes

Côte Ionienne – Entourant l’Italie méridionale la mer Ionienne s’étend jusqu’à la Grèce. Attendez-vous à des eaux bleues profondes. Avec peu de ports et de marinas vous ne verrez pas beaucoup d’autres yachts et pourrez souvent profiter seul de mouillages pour apprécier des longues plages sablonneuses et les plus faibles précipitations d’Italie. Cette côte est un passage incontournable lors d’une croisière de Sicile vers l’Adriatique ou retour.


Sauvage et naturelle, avec des coins à peine touchés par l’homme, la Corse est un endroit exceptionnel pour votre croisière. Vous trouverez le paradis des ‘marins’. La côte ouest de la Corse est la plus renversante, un littoral en grande partie rocailleux et inaccessible, exposé au mistral avec peu de mouillages pour passer la nuit. C’est donc un itinéraire très vulnérable au temps. Il y a cependant beaucoup à voir une fois sur la côte sud avant Bonifaccio et sur Porto Vecchio. Il y a également les îles du parc national juste sous Bonafacio et le parc italien de la Maddelena juste à côté.

Côte d’Azur






Sardinia – One of the finest cruising grounds in the entire Mediterranean. With the famous Costa Smeralda and Porto Cervo in the North which attracts some of the finest yachts in the World with their glamorous owners and guests. The coastline is rocky and bare yet stunningly beautiful. The anchorages are abundant and the waters crystal clear with numerous little bays and islands to explore.

Elba & the Tuscan Islands – This is a small mountainous group of islands. Elba, the largest and richest, its highest peak is over 1000 m and its indented coast with numerus beautiful bays and harbours. This area is still one of Italy’s best kept secrets.

Bay of Naples – The bay of Naples lies in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, on its seaward side the islands of Capri and Ischia. Its shores host the ruins of the Roman city of Pompeii. This bay has so much to offer you could cruise it for a week and still not see it all.

The Isle of Capri – carries a real aura around it and definitely deserves a mention by itself. The best way to admire it’s beauty is from the sea. Most of the beautiful beaches can only be reached by water.

Sicily – The largest island in the Mediterranean offering something for everyone, Messina, Palermo, Trapani and the famous volcano Mount Etna still smoking. Etna is the tallest & most active volcano in Europe. Sicilly is famous for it’s spicy cuisine, fine wines and wealth of history. A superb place for a cruise with sparkling sea and sandy beaches.

Aeolian Islands

The Ionian Coast – Encompassing southern Italy, the Ionian Sea stretches right across to Greece. So expect deep blue waters. With few harbours and marinas you are unlikely to see many other yachts and will regularly have anchorages all to yourself to enjoy the long sandy beaches and the lowest rainfall in Italy. This coast is best enjoyed as part of a cruise from Sicilly on your way to the Adriatic or back.


Wild and untamed with corners barely touched by man, Corsica is an exceptional place for your cruise. Here you’ll find a ‘sailors’ paradise. The West coast of Corsica is the most stunning, a largely craggy and inaccessible coastline, exposed to the Mistral with few safe bays for anchoring overnight. It is therefore an itinerary very weather dependent. There are however so many places to see once on the south coast before Bonifaccio and onto Porto Vecchio. There are also the national park islands just under Bonafacio and the Italian Maddelena Park within easy sailing reach.

French Riviera

The Porquerolles – a group of islands futher west down the coast, several of them are for miltary use only. The water surrounding them is just beautiful and the charming quiet streets and restaurants ashore are most welcoming after the bustle of the mainland towns.

Saint-Tropez – the Gulf of Saint-Tropez has beautiful blue waters, within the bay there is Saint-Tropez Harbour, Port Grimaud and St Maxime. From the water the medieval town is easy to spot. Walk around the harbour to admire the boats and the artists selling their paintings. There are plenty of street cafes to watch the world pass.

Saint Raphael – has just over 40km of coastline which has sandy beaches, creeks and inlets. It has five different harbours and the town has a real seaside resort feel to it.

Cannes – Home of the World famous Cannes Film Festival, throughout the year it hosts various exhibitions and conventions. Explore the boutiques, restaurants and bars.

Antibes – has a beautiful old town within it’s walls, you can wander through the streets for hours discovering the town’s history.

Villefranche – The relaxed resort of Villefranche, retains it’s history and the centre is full of narrow streets running up and down. Along the waterfront are most of the resorts restaurants all with views out over the water towards Cap Ferrat.

St-Jean-Cap Ferrat – Houses some of the most elegant villas and finest gardens along the coast, it provides beautiful views across the anchorage which has stunning water to swim in.



Croatia lies at the heart of the Mediterranean. The coast of a thousand isles has become a popular cruising destination in recent years but this Adriatic paradise with crystal clear waters and protected anchorages is still far from crowded.

A cruise around Croatia is the ultimate tonic from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world. The most popular cruise and by far the area most geared to yachts is the stretch from Dubrovnik in the south to Split lying nearly in the middle of Croatia’s Adriatic coast. Due to Croatian Cruising Laws all charters on non Croatian registered boats have to either start or finish outside of Croatia, the easiest place is Kotor, Montengro being only 20 miles south of Dubrovnik, Croatia is only a half day sail away and you can still use Dubrovnik airport. Further afield is Venice, Italy, it offers a stunning start or finish port but is a long way north of Croatia so is only really practical as part of a 2 week cruise to or from Split.

During August 2009 our most popular charters were from Kotor to Dubrovnik or Dubrovnik to Kotor. For a week cruise it’s the ideal distance and sees you visiting the islands; Lopud, Sipan, Mljet as well as the cities of Dubrovnik and Kotor, in the Summer of 2008 we cruised from Montenegro up the entire Croatian Coast and north to Venice, we spent over 2 months in Croatia and only went to the most beautiful spots, that we found, twice.
There are so many places to choose from be it a night in a town or a secluded anchorage, almost everything is possible in Croatia. The locals are the friendliest people and so welcoming to everyone. Everyone who has been to Croatia says it is beautiful and I can confirm that everyone is right.

Croatia has to be seen to be believed, it’s the Mediterranean’s answer to the Caribbean.

Greece, The Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands are on the west side of Greece. The sea around these islands is stunning, looking into the water from the boat you can see the wildlife beneath right down to the sandy bottom 20 or 30 meters away.

Corfu – The island is well watered and very fertile full of olive and citrus trees, grapes and corn. Corfu is considered as having one of the most attractive countryside of all the Greek Islands.

Lefkada – is a very popular summer resort, where there is something for everyone. Young visitor’s party all night, windsurfers have some excellent spots, there are quiet places for those who just want to relax, and there is a lot to see.

Ithaca – is most famous for being Odysseus’s homeland. Although there are no substantiated archaeological discoveries to support Homer’s writing, that it was the birth place of Odysseus, it fits his description completely “There are no tracks, nor grasslands…it is a rocky severe island, unsuited for horses, but not so wretched, despite its small size. It is good for goats.” It is 2 nautical miles west of Kefalonia and has no airport, visitors come by ferry from Kefalonia.

Kefalonia – is the largest of the islands. Beautiful golden beaches, lofty mountains providing the scenic backdrop to hundreds of secluded white coves , the strange cliffs, the cave of St. Gerassimos – the island’s patron saint, the Cave of Drongorati, the underground lake at Mellisani, churches and Monasteries perched precariously on cliffs, timeless villages .

Zante – The most southerly of the Ionian Islands has a varied landscape, the west is characterised by striking mountain scenery and is largely uninhabited and the east is packed with fertile plains, picturesque bays and long sandy beaches. Zante is a beautiful island, with many varieties of pretty colourful flowers that seem to blossom all year round.