This cruise usually starts from Porto Vecchio in Corsica to Olbia in Sardinia. Offered in two separate mini-cruises, both can be pleasantly round-trip for a week since we will take different routes.

  • Arrival at the end of the afternoon to meet Vagabond in Porto Vecchio, dinner on board at anchor. Or at the port in Olbia.
  • We will sail through the archipelago of Maddalena National Park, and along the Costa Smeralda the most beautiful coast of the Mediterranean.
  • Last day – Disembarkation after breakfast.

Sardinia has a lot to offer, mainsail, pretty beaches and good anchorages for the night. Whatever the direction of the wind, there is always a choice of anchorages, many beaches and beautiful crystal clear waters.
Possibility of a restaurant evening Tonino on the island of Tavolora, the smallest kingdom on the planet, to enjoy the local fishing.

  • Cruise for everyone, ideal with children and babies.
  • Typical days of sailing around 4 hours. Leaving time for swimming, relaxing and walks.
  • The program is purely indicative and can be changed by the captain depending on the weather.